Review candidate and employee profiles for  gap or anomaly indicative of fraud, error or other risk.

Research and analysis to produce an independent report of findings and observations.

Support client 'fit and proper' assessment to ensure regulatory compliance. 

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Research Elements

Confirming information disclosed by a candidate or employee may provide sufficient comfort about a particular individual's suitability for a key role.  However, objective challenge, assessment or independent research, might identify error or omission in the adequacy or completeness of information disclosed.  

Our services are tailored to each client's needs and candidate/employee profile, as well as ensuring conformity with data protection principles (set out within the Data Protection Act 2018).

CV Review

Check CV accuracy, including education, employment history and referencing

Questionnaire Validation

Check accuracy of responses to pre-defined questions to assess for gap or omission

Background Checks

Open source research to identify anomaly or red-flag, or indicators of reputation and financial standing

Regulatory Standing

Check regulatory indices for information on credentials, licencing and enforcement action


Check professional credentials, awards and membership registrations


Check UK Land Register for property ownership details and registered charges

Companies Nexus

Research association with companies/entities listed in Company Registries

Court Judgements

Research for details of civil court judgements or outstanding convictions (where permissible)



Senior Managers holding FCA specified senior management functions (SMFs), must be pre-approved by the FCA. Individuals in other roles which pose risk of significant harm to customers, the firm and markets do not require FCA pre-approval but must be certified as fit and proper by their firm before taking on a role covered by the Certification Regime, as well as on an annual basis and whenever a material change occurs to their role.