Risk matrix


FCRM personnel are regularly reminded about the importance placed on privacy, confidentality and data protection, to ensure that client information is safeguarded.


FCRM does not monitor or profile user access of this website via the use of Cookies.

Data protection

FCRM Ltd is registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office (Z1273248).

For individuals contacting us via email or our Contact page, and who provide their name, email address, etc.:

  • We might use this information to contact a user about their enquiry, but personal information is not shared with third parties
  • Aggregated typology data might be shared with our partners or associates (e.g. types of question/enquiries received, etc.)
  • Aggregated data which is shared does not identify personal information of users who contact FCRM


Where FCRM uses an external provider or sub-contractor to assist with the delivery of research services, such parties might be supplied with information necessary to enable them to perform a required service. In doing so, we:

  • Implement measures to require compliance with core principles of the UK's Data Protection Act, when handling or processing personal information
  • Do not authorise third parties to retain, share, store or use personal information provided to them for any secondary purpose

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